Introduction to THOR supplement
Mark H. Yazer MD T. Woolley MD (L)RAMC

The use of low-titer group O whole blood is independently associated with improved survival compared to component therapy in adults with severe traumatic hemorrhage
S.M. Shea, A.M. Staudt, K.A. Thomas, D. Schuerer, J.E. Mielke, D. Folkerts,E. Lowder, C. Martin, G.V. Bochicchio, and P.C. Spinella

Early experience with transfusing low titer group O whole blood in the pre-hospital setting in Israel
R. Nadler, A.M. Tsur, M.H. Yazer, E. Shinar, T. Moshe, A. Benov,E. Glassberg, D. Epstein, and J. Chen

Which is the preferred blood product for fibrinogen replacement in the bleeding patient with acquired hypofibrinogenemia—cryoprecipitate or fibrinogen concentrate?
M.M. Cushing, T. Haas, K. Karkouti, and J. Callum

Hemolytic markers following the transfusion of uncrossmatched, cold-stored, low-titer, group O+ whole blood in civilian trauma
I.M. Harrold, J.N. Seheult, L.H. Alarcon, A. Corcos, J.L. Sperry, D.J. Triulzi,and M.H. Yazer

Whole blood for postpartum hemorrhage: early experience at two institutions
D.S. Morris, M.A. Braverman, J. Corean, J.C. Myers, E. Xenakis, K. Ireland, L. Greebon, S. Ilstrup, and D.H. Jenkins

Implementation of a low titer group O whole blood program for a law enforcement tactical team
A.D. Fisher, J. Dunn, J.R. Pickett, J. Garza, E.A. Miles, V. Diep, and M. Escott

Current state of whole blood transfusion for civilian trauma resuscitation
B. Jackson, C. Murphy, and M.J. Fontaine

A prospective observational study of acute traumatic coagulopathy in traumatic bleeding from the battlefield
T. Woolley, R. Gwyther, K. Parmar, E. Kirkman, S. Watts, M. Midwinter, J.D. Lucca, and B.J. Hunt

Evidence for misleading decision support in characterizing differences in tolerance to reduced central blood volume using measurements of tissue oxygenation
T.E. Schlotman, K.S. Akers, S. Cardin, M.J. Morris, T. Le, and V.A. Convertino

Development of prehospital assessment findings associated with massive transfusion
A.R. Wheeler, C. Cuenca, A.D. Fisher, M.D. April, S.A. Shackelford, and S.G. Schauer

Cognitive and physical performance are well preserved following standard blood donation: A noninferiority, randomized clinical trial
R. Nadler, A.M. Tsur, A.M. Lipsky, G. Lending, A. Benov, I. Ostffeld, E. Shinar, R. Yanovich, A. Moser, D. Levy, N. Haiman,H. Eliassen, T. Bader, E. Glassberg, and J. Chen

Field-expedient thawing of fresh-frozen plasma
M.A. Meledeo, G.C. Peltier, C.S. McIntosh, J.B. Corley, J.A. Bynum, and A.P. Cap

Metabolic phenotypes of standard and cold-stored platelets
A. D’Alessandro, K.A. Thomas, D. Stefanoni, F. Gamboni, S.M. Shea, J.A. Reisz, and P.C. Spinella

Performance characteristics of thromboelastometry assays using incompletely filled and prolonged stored samples
H.M. Paarup, M.H. Rasmussen, M.H. Yazer, and U. Sprogøe

Use of Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators to Alleviate Cold Platelet Storage Lesion
K.M. Reddoch-Cardenas, U. Sharma, C.L. Salgado, C. Cantu, D.N. Darlington, H.F. Pidcoke, J.A. Bynum, and A.P. Cap

TEG Platelet Mapping assay results may be misleading in the presence of cold stored platelets
T.G. Scorer, L. FitzGibbon, R. Aungraheeta, U. Sharma, G.C. Peltier, C.S. McIntosh, K.M. Reddoch-Cardenas, A. Meyer,A.P. Cap, and A.D. Mumford

Blood component separation of pathogen-reduced whole blood by the PRP method produces acceptable red cells but platelet yields and function are diminished
M.C. Herzig, C.G. Fedyk, R.K. Montgomery, B.S. Schaffer, J.A. Bynum, H.F. Pidcoke, and A.P. Cap

Remunerating donors to ensure a safe and available blood supply
B.H. Shaz, R.E. Domen, and C.R. France

Paid donors: a contradiction in terms and contraindicated in practice
M.H. Sayers

Confusion surrounding trauma resuscitation and opportunities for clarification
N.M. Dunbar and M.H. Yazer

The compensatory reserve: potential for accurate individualized goal-directed whole blood resuscitation
V.A. Convertino and N.J. Koons

Von Willebrand factor as a thrombotic and inflammatory mediator in critical illness
W.E. Plautz, Z.A. Matthay, M.A. Rollins-Raval, J.S. Raval, L.Z. Kornblith, and M.D. Neal

From battlefront to homefront: creation of a civilian walking blood bank
M.A. Braverman, A. Smith, C.P. Shahan, B. Axtman, E. Epley, S. Hitchman, E. Waltman, C. Winckler, S.E. Nicholson, B.J. Eastridge, R.M. Stewart, and D.H. Jenkins

Top down thinking: how uncrossmatched RBCs confounded ABO typing
U. Sprogøe, K. Rasmussen, B. Antonsen, and M. Yazer

An international survey on the use of low titer group O whole blood for the resuscitation of civilian trauma patients in 2020
M.H. Yazer and P.C. Spinella

Improved survival in critically injured combat casualties treated with fresh whole blood by forward surgical teams in Afghanistan
J. Gurney, A. Staudt, A. Cap, S. Shackelford, E. Mann-Salinas, T. Le, S. Nessen, and P. Spinella