Geir Strandenes, MD

Senior Medical Officer, Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando
Researcher, Department of Immunology and Transfusion Medicine
Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway
Dr. Strandenes' Bio

Born 1961, Dr. Strandenes finished his military service in the Norwegian Army Special Operation Commando in 1982. He finished medical school in 1988 and became an approved specialist in anesthesiology since 1996. His clinical career has been in Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology Haukeland University Hospital Bergen and Prehospital Emergency Medicine in the Norwegian Air Ambulance services (1992-2007). He was a member of the Army Special Operation Commando as consulting officer from 1996-2000 and is currently the Senior Medical Officer in the Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando from 2010.

Dr. Strandenes’ research interests include Prehospital Whole Blood Transfusions, Principal Investigator of the Blood Far Forward (BFF) research program in cooperation with the department of Immunology and Transfusion Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen/Norway and Us Army Institute of Surgical Research.


Philip C. Spinella, MD, FCCM

Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Critical Care Medicine
Director, Critical Care Translational Research Program
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis, Missouri  USA


Dr. Spinella's Bio

Dr Philip C. Spinella is a pediatric intensivist and Director of the Critical Care Translational Research Program at Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine and the St Louis Children’s Hospital. He served as an active duty US Army physician for 12 years, which included a 1-year deployment to Iraq.  He continues to serve as a Consultant to the US Army Blood Research Program and is the Chair of the Steering Committee for the Norwegian Navy Blood Far Forward Research Program.

His publications are in the area of blood component and whole blood resuscitation for traumatic hemorrhagic shock, clinical and translational research regarding the effects of RBC storage duration on outcomes, immunology and coagulation, and coagulation monitoring by thromboelastography. He is also an Affiliate Investigator at the Blood Systems Research Institute in San Francisco, CA.  In addition, he Chairs an international Pediatric Critical Care Blood Research Network (Blood Net). Dr Spinella’s current funded research projects examine the immunologic, coagulation, and vasoregulatory effects of RBC transfusion according to storage age in two large RCTs (ABLE and RECESS). He is also the Co-PI of a RCT

that is being submitted to the NIH for funding that will determine if RBC storage age increases the risk of new or progressive MODS in critically ill children


Tor Hervig, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer, Blood Bank
Haukeland University Hospital
Professor, Gades Institute
University of Bergen, Norway

Dr. Hervig's Bio

Tor Hervig (b.1954) finished his medical school in 1979 and became specialist in Immunology and Transfusion Medicine 1990. He has been working as military physician, district medical officer and senior consultant at Stavanger University Hospital and Haukeland University Hospital –and also in collaboration with the National transfusion services in Tanzania.

Since 2004 he is a member of the BEST committee and since 2008 professor in Transfusion Medicine at the University of Bergen. The main research interest is improved transfusion practice, including optimal component use and pathogen reduction technologies –and to implement these improvements also in countries with less financial resources.


Mr. Eliassen's Bio

Born in Bergen in 1983, Mr. Eliassen served in the Norwegian navy since 2002 as a navy combat medic. He has been deployed to several different war zones over the years. Mr. Eliassen’s gained clinical experience from both the military service and from working in the ambulance service in Bergen city. He has been involved in the Blood Far Forward project since the beginning and has a special interest in the donor performance and blood efficacy and safety issues.