Blood Far Forward was initiated by the Norwegian Naval Special Operation Commando in 2010 and collaborators and participants today includes: Dep. of Immunology and Transfusion medicine Haukeland University Hospital, The Norwegian Armed Forces Medical Services, Norwegian Special Operation Command, Norwegian Army Special Operation Commando and US Army Institute of Surgical Research.

The aim is to improve battlefield survival by developing a safe method for pre-hospital whole blood transfusions. The model is based on “buddy transfusion” and field blood bank. US Forces in WWII established what could be termed “Field Blood Banks”, where whole blood was collected from immediately available donors and used on site immediately (“Buddy Transfusion”), or banked, or delivered as far forward as possible for pre-hospital resuscitation.






Blessed are the young who can give back life with their blood.



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Expected outcome after completion of the research plan:

  1. Developed Standard Operation Procedures/Guidelines
  2. Approved leukoreduced cold stored whole blood component
  3. Guidelines for education, training and certification
  4. Identified list of equipment needed for implementation of the concept developed


The project will last for three years, and will have a Project Steering Committee, and a Project Management Team. The SMO at NORNAVSOC (MJK) is the principal investigator, and the project will be open to include new participants.

Other potential benefits

  • Increased operability and operational reach for military units
  • Concept for increased availability of blood in civilian crisis preparedness
  • Concept for increased availability of blood for off-shore installation and shipping
  • Concept for increased availability of blood for civilian Emergency Medical Systems
  • Overall change in military and civilian transfusion practice

Completed Research:

  • Donor performance of combat readiness skills of special forces soldiers are maintained immediately after whole blood donation: A study to support the development of a pre-hospital fresh whole blood transfusion program. Transfusion 2012
  • Comparison of in vitro responses in fresh whole blood and reconstituted whole blood after collagen stimulation
  • Autologous reinfusion of whole blood after 24 hours ambient temperature storage.
  • Autologous sternal reinfusion of one unit of whole blood – reinfusion rate gravity only.
  • Pilot study: Transport tolerance of whole blood – 48 hours ongoing rough transportation of fresh whole blood.
  • Pilot study: In vitro hemostasis of leukofiltered whole blood using a platelet sparing leuko reduction filter.

Research in Progress

  • Extended Donor performance studies
  • Sternal whole blood reinfusion studies
  • Storage conditions of whole blood
  • Leuko filtering studies
  • Rapid testing devices
  • Educational research
  • Training research