Transfusion. 59: April 2019.

Blood is for Bleeding, Salt Water is for Cooking Pasta: An introduction to the THOR Network’s Supplement for the 2018 Remote Damage Control Resuscitation Annual Symposium
P.C. Spinella and M.H. Yazer

Blood products for resuscitation: moving forward by going backward
P.M. Ness and E.A. Gehrie

Outcomes of traumatic hemorrhagic shock and the epidemiology of preventable death from injury
B.J. Eastridge, J.B. Holcomb, and S. Shackelford

Give the trauma patient what they bleed, when and where they need it: establishing a comprehensive regional system of resuscitation based on patient need utilizing cold-stored, low-titer O+ whole blood
C.S. Zhu, D.M. Pokorny, B.J. Eastridge, S.E. Nicholson, E. Epley, J. Forcum, T. Long, D. Miramontes, R. Schaefer, M. Shiels, R.M. Stewart, M. Stringfellow, R. Summers, C.J. Winckler, and D.H. Jenkins

Making whole blood for trauma available (again): the AMERICAN Red Cross experience
P.P. Young and P.D. Borge Jr

How do I get an emergency civilian walking blood bank running?
S.H. Kaada, T.O. Apelseth, K.G. Hagen, E.K. Kristoffersen, S. Gjerde, K. Sønstabø, H. Halvorsen, T. Hervig, G.A. Sunde, G.O. Dahle, M.C. Johnsen, and G. Strandenes

Lifeline for the front lines: blood products to support the warfighter
A.L. Taylor, J.B. Corley, M.T. Swingholm, M.A. Sloan, H. McDonald Jr, J.F. Quesada, C.L. Evans, and W.A. Ceballos

Five years of prolonged field care: prehospital challenges during recent French military operations
S. Travers, C. Carfantan, A. Luft, L. Aigle, P. Pasquier, C. Martinaud, A. Renard, O. Dubourg, C. Derkenne, R. Kedzierewicz, M. Franchin, C. Bay, A.P. Cap, and S. Ausset

Future of platelet formulations with improved clotting profile: a short review on human safety and efficacy data
J.A. Cancelas

The use of cryopreserved platelets in the treatment of polytraumatic patients and patients with massive bleeding
M. Bohonek, D. Kutac, L. Landova, M. Koranova, E. Sladkova, E. Staskova, M. Voldrich, and T. Tyll

Platelet enhancement of bacterial growth during room temperature storage: mitigation through refrigeration
P.M. Ketter, R. Kamucheka, B. Arulanandam, K. Akers, and A.P. Cap

Evaluation of a lyophilized platelet-derived hemostatic product
J.A. Bynum, M.A. Meledeo, G.C. Peltier, C.S. McIntosh, A.S. Taylor, R.K. Montgomery, K.M. Reddoch–Cardenas, T.M. Getz, M.G. Fitzpatrick, and A.P. Cap

Changes in donor antibody titer levels over time in a military group O low-titer whole blood program
J.D. Bailey, A.D. Fisher, M.H. Yazer, J.T. Howard, J.B. Corley, E.A. Miles, and A.P. Cap

Immunologic risks of whole blood: ABO compatibility, D alloimmunization, and transfusion-related acute lung injury
S.K. Harm and N.M. Dunbar

Comparison of titer results obtained using immediate spin one-dilution techniques to a reference method
M.H. Yazer, N.M. Dunbar, C.B. Bub, B.E. Condict, R. Dunn, M. Janoušková, J. Kutner, L. Landová, H. Lejdarová, B. Nesvacilová, R. Pacasová, R. Procházková, L. Rehorová, J.S. Raval, A. Ziman, and M. Bohon!ek

Agglutination testing for human erythrocyte product in the rhesus macaque
I.L. Jackson, E. Vicente, M.H. Yazer, and P.C. Spinella

Current state of transfusion in traumatic brain injury and associated coagulopathy
M. Stolla, F. Zhang, M.R. Meyer, J. Zhang, and J.-F. Dong

Management of moderate and severe traumatic brain injury
P.A. Abdelmalik, N. Draghic, and G.S.F. Ling

Effect of leukoreduction and pathogen reduction on the hemostatic function of whole blood
K.A. Thomas, S.M. Shea, M.H. Yazer, and P.C. Spinella

Optimizing whole blood storage: hemostatic function of 35-day stored product in CPD, CP2D, and CPDA-1 anticoagulants
M.A. Meledeo, G.C. Peltier, C.S. McIntosh, J.A. Bynum, and A.P. Cap

Hemostatic characteristics of thawed, pooled cryoprecipitate stored for 35 days at refrigerated and room temperatures
J.L. Fenderson, M.A. Meledeo, M.J. Rendo, G.C. Peltier, C.S. McIntosh, K.W. Davis, J.B. Corley, and A.P. Cap

Effect of plasma processing and storage on microparticle abundance, nitric oxide scavenging, and vasoactivity
S.C. Rogers, F.T. Moynihan IV, R. McDonough, D.D. Timm, E. Hovmand-Warner, E. Frazier, K.A. Thomas, P.C. Spinella, and A. Doctor

Plasma for burn shock resuscitation: is it time to go back to the future?
J.M. Gurney, R.A. Kozar, and L.C. Cancio

The need for dried plasma – a national issue
A.E. Pusateri, F.K. Butler, S.A. Shackelford, J.L. Sperry, E.E. Moore, A.P. Cap, A.L. Taylor, M.J. Homer, W.K. Hoots, R.B. Weiskopf, and M.R. Davis

Human primary fibroblasts perform similarly to MSCs in assays used to evaluate MSC safety and potency
B.A. Christy, M.C. Herzig, C. Delavan, C. Cantu, C. Salgado, J.A. Bynum, and A.P. Cap

1601 A prospective evaluation of thromboelastometry (ROTEM) to identify acute traumatic coagulopathy and predict massive transfusion in military trauma patients in Afghanistan
J. Cohen, T. Scorer, Z. Wright, I.J. Stewart, J. Sosnov, H. Pidcoke, C. Fedyk, H. Kwan, K.K. Chung, K. Heegard, C. White, and A. Cap

Aerial drones for blood delivery
G. Ling and N. Draghic