2013 RDCR Symposium

3rd Annual RDCR Symposium

June 17-19, 2013

Bergen, Norway

2013 Symposium goals

The goal of the 2013 RDCR Symposium was to focus on training methods to improve implementation of RDCR principles, to present current research in RDCR, and to provide practical information from international leaders in trauma resuscitation on their approach to RDCR.


Opening Remarks
LTC Geir Strandenes, MD, SMO NORNAVSOC

The future of observational research and RCTs in transfusion medicine
Jean-Louis Vincent, MD, PhD

Introduction to the battlefield medical challenges. What’s available for RDCR?
Marc De Pasquale, BS

The UK MERT RDCR approach
Lt Col Timothy Hooper, FRCA, DICM, EDIC, RAMC

RDCR battlefield experiences from OEF
CPT Christopher B. Cordova, PA-C

The Israeli RDCR approach
LTC Elon Glassberg, MD, MHA

The possibilities of telemedicine in far forward resuscitation
Antonio Marttos Jr., MD

Systems biology approach to RDCR guideline development
Mitchell J. Cohen, MD

Updates on research of the acute coagulopathy of trauma
Mitchell J. Cohen, MD

The red cell for shock and coagulopathy reversal
Philip C. Spinella, MD, FCCM

Minnesota RDCR 
ret COL Donald Jenkins, MD, FACS, DMCC

Plasma first in the field
Ernest Moore, MD

The Cruiseliners approach
Steve Williams, RN, CEN, CFRN

Fibrinogen, TXA and PCC – Data to support pre-hospital use?
Herbert Shöchl, MD

Crystalloids/Colloids in RDCR
MAJ Christian Medby, MD

Real-time shock assessment for diagnosis and goal directed treatment: Time to stop talking the talk and begin walking the walk.
Kevin R. Ward, MD

Empiric ratio driven protocols versus POC guided for prehospital resuscitation 
Ulf Schott, MD

Emergency transfusions– prepare for the unexpected
LTC Geir Strandenes, MD, SMO NORNAVSOC

Leukoreduced wholeblood as safe as LR reconstructed?
Tor Hervig, MD, PhD

Does whole blood need to be ABO type specific?
Olle Berseus MD, PhD

Platelets for hemostasis cold or warm? As whole blood? 
LTC Andrew P. Cap, MD, PhD, FACP

Pilot RCT of cold stored whole blood vs components for severe traumatic bleeding
COL Alan D. Murdock, MD

Scoop and run / Stay and play
Marc Maegele, MD, PhD, DMSc

It’s Not About Scoop and Run or Scoop and Play: It’s About the Clock
Joseph F. Rappold, MD, FACS

Scoop and run / Stay and Play
Anne Weaver, MD

Airway management when hemorrhaging, MERT and Hems N
Geir Arne Sunde, MD – Lt Col Timothy Hooper, FRCA, DICM, EDIC, RAMC

Hypotensive resuscitation for prolonged evacuations 
Kevin R. Ward, MD