Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery-78-6 June 2015

Editors’ preface
Rappold, Joseph F.; Glassberg, Elon

Blood far forward: Time to get moving!
Cap, Andrew P.; Pidcoke, Heather F.; DePasquale, Marc; More

Fresh frozen plasma and spray-dried plasma mitigate pulmonary vascular permeability and inflammation in hemorrhagic shock
Potter, Daniel R.; Baimukanova, Gail; Keating, Sheila M.; More

All plasma products are not created equal: Characterizing differences between plasma products
Spinella, Philip C.; Frazier, Elfaridah; Pidcoke, Heather F.; More

Freeze dried plasma and fresh red blood cells for civilian prehospital hemorrhagic shock resuscitation
Sunde, Geir A.; Vikenes, Bjarne; Strandenes, Geir; More

Coagulation function of stored whole blood is preserved for 14 days in austere conditions: A ROTEM feasibility study during a Norwegian antipiracy mission and comparison to equal ratio reconstituted blood
Strandenes, Geir; Austlid, Ivar; Apelseth, Torunn O.; More

Acute blood loss during burn and soft tissue excisions: An observational study of blood product resuscitation practices and focused review
Pidcoke, Heather F.; Isbell, Claire L.; Herzig, Maryanne C.; More

Massive transfusion policies at trauma centers participating in the American College of Surgeons Trauma Quality Improvement Program
Camazine, Maraya N.; Hemmila, Mark R.; Leonard, Julie C.; More

Update of use of hydroxyethyl starches in surgery and trauma
Weiskopf, Richard B.; James, Michael F.M.

Prehospital point-of-care monitoring and goal-directed therapy: Does it make a difference?
Gaarder, Christine; Holtan, Anders; Naess, Paal Aksel

Postinjury fibrinolysis shutdown: Rationale for selective tranexamic acid
Moore, Ernest E.; Moore, Hunter B.; Gonzalez, Eduardo; More

Tranexamic acid as part of remote damage-control resuscitation in the prehospital setting: A critical appraisal of the medical literature and available alternatives
Ausset, Sylvain; Glassberg, Elon; Nadler, Roy; More

Injectable hemostatic adjuncts in trauma: Fibrinogen and the FIinTIC study
Maegele, Marc; Zinser, Max; Schlimp, Christoph; More

Syndecan-1 restitution by plasma after hemorrhagic shock
Kozar, Rosemary A.; Pati, Shibani