Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 82(6S): June 2017.

Editors’ Preface
Rappold, Joseph F.; Spinella, Philip C.

Zero preventable deaths after traumatic injury: An achievable goal
Spinella, Philip Charles

Skill learning and retention
Austlid, Ivar; Arkestaal, Karl Lukas; Kibsgaard, Hans Peter

Leadership and a casualty response system for eliminating preventable death
Kotwal, Russ S.; Montgomery, Harold R.; Miles, Ethan A.; More

Leadership lessons learned in Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Butler, Frank K.

The need for optimized crystalloid-based resuscitation
Yitzhak, Avi; Glick, Yuval; Benov, Avi; More

Prehospital blood transfusion programs: Capabilities and lessons learned
Zielinski, Martin D.; Stubbs, James R.; Berns, Kathleen S.; More

Remote damage control during the attacks on Paris: Lessons learned by the Paris Fire Brigade and evolutions in the rescue system
Lesaffre, Xavier; Tourtier, Jean-Pierre; Violin, Yann; More

Volumetric control of whole blood collection in austere environments
Meledeo, Michael A.; Fisher, Andrew D.; Peltier, Grantham C.; More

Minimal variation in anti-A and -B titers among healthy volunteers over time: Implications for the use of out-of-group blood components
Sprogøe, Ulrik; Yazer, Mark H.; Rasmussen, Mads Hvidkjær; More

Effects on the anti-ABO titers of military blood donors from a predeployment vaccination program
Berséus, Olle

Deployed skills training for whole blood collection by a special operations expeditionary surgical team
Benavides, Linda C.; Smith, Iain M.; Benavides, Jerome M.; More

Acute traumatic coagulopathy: The elephant in a room of blind scientists
Meledeo, Michael A.; Herzig, Maryanne C.; Bynum, James A.; More

Hemorrhagic blood failure: Oxygen debt, coagulopathy, and endothelial damage
White, Nathan J.; Ward, Kevin R.; Pati, Shibani; More

Immunologic effects of trauma and transfusion
Shah, Sanjna; Spinella, Philip C.; Muszynski, Jennifer A.

Measuring the compensatory reserve to identify shock
Convertino, Victor A.; Schiller, Alicia M.

An evaluation of methods for producing low-titer group O whole blood to support military trauma resuscitation
Belin, Tamara R.; Yazer, Mark H.; Meledeo, Michael A.; More