Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. 84(6S): June 2018.

Trauma Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research Network position paper on the role of hypotensive resuscitation as part of remote damage control resuscitation
Woolley, Thomas; Thompson, Patrick; Kirkman, Emrys; More

Raising the standards on whole blood
Yazer, Mark H.; Cap, Andrew P.; Spinella, Philip C.

Activities of the THOR-AABB Working Party
Yazer, Mark H.; Spinella, Philip C.

A review of the landscape: Challenges and gaps in trauma response to civilian high threat mass casualty incidents
Callaway, David W.

Adaptive and platform trials in remote damage control resuscitation
Tolles, Juliana; Lewis, Roger J.

Goal-directed hemostatic resuscitation for trauma induced coagulopathy: Maintaining homeostasis
Moore, Ernest E.; Moore, Hunter B.; Chapman, Michael P.; More

The design of an adaptive clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of platelets stored at low temperature in surgical patients
Krachey, Elizabeth; Viele, Kert; Spinella, Philip C.; More

Immunomodulatory effects of plasma products on monocyte function in vitro
Shah, Sanjna; Coppolino, Katirina; Menocha, Somaang; More

Tranexamic acid in severe trauma patients managed in a mature trauma care system
Boutonnet, Mathieu; Abback, Paer; Le Saché, Frédéric; More

Past and present role of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in combat casualty care: How far will we go?
Cannon, Jeremy W.; Mason, Phillip E.; Batchinsky, Andriy I.

The evolution of pediatric transfusion practice during combat operations 2001-2013
Cannon, Jeremy W.; Neff, Lucas P.; Pidcoke, Heather F.; More

Airway and ventilation management strategies for hemorrhagic shock. To tube, or not to tube, that is the question!
Hudson, Anthony J.; Strandenes, Geir; Bjerkvig, Christopher K.; More

Functional stability of the TEG 6s hemostasis analyzer under stress
Meledeo, Michael Adam; Peltier, Grantham C.; McIntosh, Colby S.; More

Staff officers as blood suppliers: Effects of repeated donations and autologous reinfusions of untransfused units
Strandenes, Geir; Sivertsen, Joar; Eliassen, Håkon; More

Preparation of leukoreduced whole blood for transfusion in austere environments; effects of forced filtration, storage agitation, and high temperatures on hemostatic function
Sivertsen, Joar; Braathen, Hanne; Lunde, Turid Helen F.; More

Effects of platelet-sparing leukocyte reduction and agitation methods on in vitro measures of hemostatic function in cold-stored whole blood
Remy, Kenneth E.; Yazer, Mark H.; Saini, Arun; More

Prehospital low-titer cold-stored whole blood: Philosophy for ubiquitous utilization of O-positive product for emergency use in hemorrhage due to injury
McGinity, Ashley C.; Zhu, Caroline S.; Greebon, Leslie; More

Emergency sternal intraosseous access for warm fresh whole blood transfusion in damage control resuscitation
Bjerkvig, Christopher Kalhagen; Fosse, Theodor Kaurin; Apelseth, Torunn Oveland; More

Immediate effects of blood donation on physical and cognitive performance—A randomized controlled double-blinded trial
Eliassen, Håkon S.; Hervig, Tor; Backlund, Sebastian; More