For the first time in Israel: Using Whole Blood to treat the injured in the field
The blood unit that will improve the chances of saving the life of a severely bleeding patients in the pre hospital settings

MDA blood services responded to the request of the IDF Medical Corps, to provide them with Whole Blood units, intended to be given to severely bleeding victims during their evacuation to the hospitals, by Helicopters. In order to achieve that, the Blood Services Automated Blood Typing Laboratory team successfully developed, validated and set up a method for the identification of compatible donors, with low titer of antibodies, suitable to be donors for such special blood units. * The new technology allows to identify O type blood donors that the units they donated are suitable for supply to the Airborne Evacuation Unit of the Airforce. * MDA Director General, Eli Bin: “The Automatic Blood Labeling Laboratory in MDA Blood Services stands in the forefront of technology, aligning itself with the leading countries in the field of Transfusion Medicine.”